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Legal Tech Made Easy – Part I

Practically all firms today use some form of Legal Tech, whether it be  shared folders and hosting file services like Dropbox or online applications to keep track of billing and expenses. When it comes to other areas, Legal Tech adoption is lacking. Such is the case for client file storage, document review, marketing, case management […]

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Recovery of Attorney’s Fees in a Foreclosure Action – Legal Research by a Contract/Flex-Time Attorney – De Novo Review LLC

A law firm requested a flex-time attorney of De Novo Review, LLC research and prepare a memorandum on the question of does a mortgagor, as a prevailing party in a foreclosure action, have to serve a 21-day safe harbor notice under section 57.105(4), Florida Statutes, when seeking attorney’s fees pursuant to section 57.105(7)? No. Section […]

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The Case for the Flex-Time Lawyer

One of the biggest considerations of adding an associate attorney to your firm is – invariably . . . wait for it . . . COST. No surprise there – is it? In addition to salary, there are other benefits to consider because these days benefits are almost as important to many employees as salary. […]

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