Flex-Time Plans

With our Flex-Time plans you will get high-quality help when you need it,
in the exact amount you need, at less than half the costs of traditional law firm rates.

Ultimate Flex-Time

(Monthly Time Blocks)

Select a block of 20, 60, 120 hours to be used as needed each month for a specific quarter. The more hours you buy, the less the hourly rate. This plan gives you ultimate flexibility.

Interim Flex-Time

(Specific Days)

Have in-house legal work but not enough for another full-time attorney? This plan allows you to choose 2, 3, or 4 days a week and your Flex-Time attorney will be available on those days.

Gap Flex-Time

(Specific Period)

Get full-time legal help to cover a team member’s leave of absence or a position during the selection process. This plan helps you fill in employment gaps without having to commit long term.

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