Our skilled team of Flex-Time Attorneys supports various agencies across all levels of government: local, state and federal.

With our Flex-Time plans you will get high-quality help when you need it, in the exact amount you need, at less than half the costs of traditional law firm rates.

In support of agencies across various levels of government, De Novo Review provides the following:

Legal Professionals

  • Attorneys
  • J.D. Graduates
  • Paralegals
  • Project Managers
  • Investigators
  • Interpreters


  • Legal Research and Writing Support
  • Litigation and Trial Support
  • Document Review
  • Legal Workflow Design
  • Investigative Services
  • Foreign Language Legal Support Service

Here's how our team can assist your agency:


The Federal government may employ De Novo Review attorneys to provide litigation support for civil and criminal cases, assistance with drafting statutes and legal opinions, research on regulations and enforcement of regulatory compliance, and much more.


The State government State Attorney General’s Offices represent the state in litigation, which includes civil litigation (both defensive and affirmative) and appellate work; State AG’s Offices also provide legal advice to state officials and agencies. Many state agencies have in-house counsel with expertise in the law relevant to that agency’s particular area of responsibility, such as public health or transportation, as well as in legal issues generic to running a state agency, such as employment and contracts. Additionally, state legislatures employ lawyers in positions comparable to those on Capitol Hill; lawyers work as legislative assistants and counsel to members, and as staff to state senate and house committees.


Cities, municipalities, counties, school districts, and boards of education may also employ De Novo Review attorneys to provide legal support in litigation as well as legal advice on issues that may arise day-to-day. Some issues include researching personnel, zoning, and civil rights questions, as well as drafting legislation, public contracts, and real estate agreements.

So, what are the benefits of flex-time attorneys?

Meet Deadlines When You Are Behind Schedule

Our attorneys will meet your deadlines providing a high quality work product at an affordable price. You will have an increase in productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency by being able to select one or a group of our skilled attorneys.

Help As You Need It

You can hire us when you have a specific task that you need completed and prefer your current staff to focus their energy on other matters. This project-driven model can optimize your workflow, productivity, staffing, and costs.

Control and Reduce Costs

Because our attorneys work for you on a temporary or project basis when needed, there is no overhead, no uncertainty as to how to manage growth, and no risk.

Additional Benefits

  • Prescreen and train candidates
  • Focused on Legal, Experienced in Legal
  • Save on legal service fees
  • Commitment to Diversity
    • Formal EEOC/Affirmative Action Plan
    • JSL Supplier Diversity Program
  • Client diversity assistance

We offer on-demand, highly skilled legal professionals on a temporary or project basis to provide specific knowledge for government agencies in practice areas affecting:

  • Agriculture
  • Public Health
  • Labor
  • Veteran Affairs
  • Transportation
  • General Administration
  • Legislation
  • Civil Rights

Meet the Team

We provide a customized approach to help your firm handle constantly changing workloads and staffing needs. This includes managed review, legal project management and research services.

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