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Hire a candidates for projects, part time or full time.

De Novo Projects and Recruiter connects you with talented legal candidates for short term and long term assignments as well as direct hires.


De Novo Projects:

Our Remote Talent is pre-vetted and will work remotely through a secure client portal but can also work directly through your systems.

De Novo Projects provides the high-quality help you are searching for in staff.  You have the option to choose from a number of Flexible Plans: per diem, monthly dedicated staff, or projects with a start and end date.

Per Diem:  on-call staff will provide you an estimate of the project cost and then start working.

Monthly Dedicated:  a pre-vetted candidate will work for you on a monthly basis with a schedule.

Projects:  a candidate or team will be hire to help complete a project from start to finish.  Project managers will assists.

Pricing varies on the staff level and project type.

Here’s what our experienced team will do for you:

So, what are the benefits of remote staff?

Control And Reduce Costs

Because Project Staff work for you based on the hours or days you preselect, you have the ability to predict costs.

Manage Growth

Overflow work may be an indication of a need for an additional full time staff or simply a temporary influx. With us, you can find the right person for the job.

Solve Employee Temporary Leave of Absence

When a Full Time Employee requires a leave of absence, you will still need to operate and human resources will be left with figuring out a solution. With our staffing and recruiting solutions, you are able to fill that gap.

Meet Deadlines When You Are Behind Schedule.

Our Project staff will meet your deadlines, providing high-quality work product at an affordable rate. You will have an increase in productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency by being able to select one or a group of candidates when a large matter comes along.

Fulfill Special Project Needs.

You can scale up your practice and resolve a skills gap in minutes by working with staff for project, per diem or monthly jobs. With us, you will save yourself the time involved in the tedious process of sourcing, pre-vetting, hiring and managing temporary candidates.

Our highly skilled Talent Directors provide industry specific knowledge in:

  • Litigation
  • Corporate
  • Litigation
  • Corporate
  • Real Estate
  • Mass Tort
  • Class Actions
  • Property Insurance
  • Employment
  • Patents
  • Appellate
  • Securities

Meet the Team

We provide a customized approach to help your firm handle constantly changing workloads and staffing needs. This includes managed review, legal project management and research services.

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