The legal workforce of the future

De Novo Review is a trusted recruiting and staffing company dedicated to providing the right legal talent.

With a network of legal candidates across the continent, we provide remote staff asap for projects and candidates for direct-hire.


Rethinking the law firm workforce model

The legal industry is infamous for lagging behind other professions’ disruptive and innovative business models. Yet traditional billable hour requirements, the elusive partnership track, and an unreliable economy have left associates exhausted, partners uneasy, and new lawyers dumbfounded.

Many remain set in their ways and continue on the same path expecting different results. We saw an opportunity for change. With an eye toward business innovation and tech solutions, De Novo set out to find a new and better way.


A new way forward

Courage, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit helped us develop an agile remote legal workforce dedicated to turning challenges into solutions.

Dare to innovate.
Learn a better way.