Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Future Clients

What is the usual turnaround time for an outsourced project, from delegation to completion?

Due to the complexities of each case, the turnaround time varies with each assignment and the needs of the hiring attorney. Turnaround time can be as little as the same day.

Why would a firm or legal department be interested in contracting with De Novo Review?

Firms without the sufficient supporting staff may need the assistance on a case-by-case basis. In those situations, law firms should look into hiring our services for their more time consuming projects, allowing the firm to continue working uninterrupted.

What are the common rates for Flex-Time Attorneys?

Hourly rates generally range depending on experience level, practice area, what the project involves, as well as the Flex-Time Plan selected. The hourly rate will be lower if more hours are selected in the Plan.

Who is responsible for paying Flex-Time Attorney?

De Novo Review is responsible for paying the Flex-Time Attorney.

Are fixed fees available?

Yes, especially with transactional work such as patent applications, real estate leases, and business registration.

Do Flex-Time attorneys need to be licensed in the jurisdiction that holds the case?

It is not necessary to be licensed in a particular jurisdiction if the Flex-Time Attorney is performing legal research, assisting with federal matters, or providing assistance to a firm or legal department that does not involve court or record appearances. Under the latter, the Flex-Time attorney would need to be licensed in the appropriate jurisdiction.

If the hiring company is a Law Firm, what percentage may the Law Firm make on Flex-Time Attorney surcharge?

A hiring attorney may add a reasonable surcharge amount to work billed by the Flex-Time Attorney. The hiring attorney should review its local bar rules to ensure compliance with any disclosures, reasonableness of pricing, and any other pertinent matters. See ABA Comm. on Ethics and Prof’l Responsibility Formal Op. 00-420 (Nov. 29, 2000) (Surcharge to Client for Use of a Contract Lawyer); ABA Comm. on Ethics and Prof’l Responsibility Formal Op. 08-451 (Aug. 5, 2008) (Lawyer’s Obligations When Outsourcing Legal and Nonlegal Support Services).

How do you find Flex-Time Attorneys that fit the criteria that your clients’ need?

Attorneys with ample experiences and looking for a better work life balance find us. Then, we carefully research and vet the attorney to make sure that their work product is of high quality and suited to our client’s need.

Do you charge extra for any expenses, such as legal search engines like Westlaw, LexisNexis, etc.?

De Novo Review is company based which prides itself on providing its client Flex-Time Attorneys who are “research gurus.” No charge is added for legal search engines used by the Flex-Time Attorney. However, if at any time in conducting research a Flex-Time Attorney needs access to a particular database or document not within the normal database, we will notify our client immediately and ask for approval before incurring the additional cost.

Does De Novo Review have malpractice insurance?

De Novo Review is a staffing company and does not establish an attorney-client relationship with the contracting firm’s client, nevertheless, it maintains professional liability insurance for the company.

Does the contracting firm, or its client pay you directly?

The contracting firm or legal department pays De Novo Review directly.

Does De Novo Review work for non-lawyers?

No. De Novo Review works directly with law firms and other sole-practitioner attorneys. De Novo Review will also provide Flex-Time Attorneys to staff part-time, full-time, or temporary attorney positions in a company’s legal department or with a government agency.

Does De Novo Review serve as co-counsel?

No. De Novo Review is not a law firm.

Is the work provided by De Novo Review privileged and confidential?

All information provided to agency, representatives, or Flex-Time Attorneys with De Novo Review is protected and maintained confidential.

How does De Novo Review make sure there are no conflicts of interests?

Before receiving any project, the Flex-Time Attorney will be cleared to work on the case. Thereafter, the Flex-Time Attorney selected by you to perform the work is responsible for reporting any conflicts immediately to you and De Novo Review’s management.

What areas does De Novo Review cover?

To learn about the coverage areas, visit the applicable industry page.

FAQs for Future Associates

How much money can I expect to make through De Novo Review?

It depends on your experience, the number of hours you choose to work and the types of assignments you want to work on. On an hourly basis, many of our attorneys find that they make just as much money working through De Novo Review as they did in a big law firm or corporate legal department.

Can you assure that I will be able to work as many hours a week as I want to work? Will you be able to keep me consistently busy?

We will do everything we can to keep you as busy as you want to be. There are never any guarantees, but we have an expanding client base and new assignments come in frequently. The work we offer you also depends on your willingness to accept different types of assignments and whether a client selects you as a Flex-Time Attorney for a Flex-Time Plan.

Will De Novo Review continue to provide me support after the first assignment?

Once we mutually determined that we’re a fit for one another, we will stay in regular contact with you whether you’re on an assignment or waiting for one, letting you know of opportunities that might interest you. Additionally, we post new assignments in the Opportunities section of this site and encourage you to sign up for job alerts tailored to your preferences (and you can always follow us on Twitter and Facebook for new opportunities and news about the company).

How do I determine if I can qualify to be a Flex-Time Attorney?

The first step is to contact a De Novo Review placement coordinator to schedule a meeting and submit your resume, which will be kept in confidence. Our placement coordinators practiced law for at least five years and work closely with our Business Development Team, so they have a very good understanding of the types of attorneys our clients want to work with.

What will the meeting consist of?

During the meeting, you will be asked about your work experience, practice areas, other details about your background, your vision of success and your ideal work arrangement. If you qualify and there if an opportunity for you to work as a Flex-Time Attorney, then other procedural steps will be implemented.

How often will I get assignments?

If you are selected as a Flex-Time Attorney, we will be in communication with you and notify you when we have positions that fits your predetermined criteria and experience. We are very sensitive to the confidential nature of the legal profession and will never submit your resume for an assignment before contacting you first and obtaining your permission. If you don’t want us to submit your resume for consideration of a particular assignment, we won’t – we will contact you when the next opportunity becomes available.

How can I make sure I receive as many assignments as possible?

We encourage you to sign up for our automatic job posting alerts in our Job Opportunities section. You will receive an e-mail as soon as a position which interests you becomes available.

Do you find work for everyone you meet with?

No. We are a way to practice for lawyers who have earned the right to have options. We provide this service to experienced attorneys who have made the choice to practice in this manner.

Is it possible for me to work with the same client on a long-term basis?

We have many Flex-Time Attorneys who have worked with the same client on long-term basis. Because we have built business partner-type relationships with our clients, many have chosen to create steady, ongoing positions for our Flex-Time Attorneys that allow for flexibility. In addition, while many opportunities are originally short-term, they often grow into long-term positions when the fit is right between our attorney and client. Good lawyers want to continue working with good lawyers.

How long does the “typical” position last?

Any given week, we have several Flex-Time Attorneys working on assignments. Some of these assignments are for a few weeks, some for a few months and some last several years. Depending on your experience, we can help to provide opportunities that meet your desired schedule or needs.

11. Can I turn down an opportunity through you without penalty?

Absolutely. We might think a certain opportunity is a good fit for you, but you might have a big trip planned, a schedule conflict or another reason for not wanting to pursue the position. De Novo Review is built on providing flexibility, and we do not want our attorneys feeling as though they have to accept every opportunity we contact them about. We will just take note of your schedule, keep in touch and let you know when an assignment arises that fits your needs.
However, if you accept a position, for the term of the project, quarterly, part-time, or full-time position, we expect that the work is performed as expected by the client and that any scheduling conflicts be disclosed before the position is accepted.

Does De Novo Review provide any benefits to its attorneys?

We currently do not offer any traditional employment benefits because the attorneys working with us work in a freelance manner.

Are you a staffing company?

Practically speaking “yes.” However, we are a company owned by an attorney and operated by attorneys, for attorneys who have earned the right to have alternatives to the traditional practice of law. We provide substantive work that keeps our lawyers challenged and professionally fulfilled while giving them control over their schedules.

Do attorneys meet with you while still in private practice?

Yes, this happens all the time. Many attorneys want to simply learn more about us to see if it we are a better fit for them than private practice. As lawyers, we are paid to educate our clients about their various options – we encourage lawyers to do the same about their careers. If you are interested in learning more, simply meet with a placement coordinator and discover whether working with De Novo Review is the right option for you.

Are meetings kept confidential?

We treat meetings and interviews the same way as resume submissions – confidentially.

Do I interview with De Novo Review or its clients?

It depends on the assignment. Typically with our new attorneys and our new clients, we encourage them to meet to be sure it’s the right fit for both parties. Virtually every time it is. Over time, clients come to rely on De Novo Review to send the right attorney, and our attorneys rely on us to put them in the right position.

Why would someone want to be a Flex-Time Attorney?

Flex-Time Attorneys are seeking an arrangement that provides them maximum flexibility while allowing them to still use their high level of experience.