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In recent years, Florida law firms have begun utilizing independent contractor attorneys as legal researchers and legal writers to serve reference attorneys, to draft legal memoranda, document preparation, conduct legal research, edit legal writing, draft motions, provided a second opinion and case strategy. We serve clients in Tampa, Orlando, Naples, Fort Myers, Miami, Miami Lakes, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and even outside of Florida.

These on demand attorneys are also known as flex-time attorneys. As legal researchers they fill in the gaps and complete quality legal research on demand competently, effectively and cost-efficiently. The high cost of retaining competent employees on payroll have escalated in recent years and the cost of providing benefits for full-time lawyers makes on staff help almost unaffordable. The obvious benefit of working with flex-time lawyers is having professionals available when you need them, and not paying for them when you don’t.

The benefits of hiring a De Novo Review LLC flex-time lawyer include:

1.                 Your firm can become a full-service firm and take on cases outside of the firm’s area of specialty. This is especially important because client retention is almost more important than attracting and retaining new clients. Clients are the best referral source of new business for your law firm

2.                 You have the ability to compete with larger firms in handling cases, such as commercial litigation cases, when litigating big cases and not jeopardize the best interests of your client but being unable to keep up with a larger law firm that is well-staffed

3.                 You have the ability to produce better outcomes for your clients with additional help

4.                 If you are a small or medium size law firm, you can take time to work on growing your practice and still have a timekeeper billing hours to generate revenues for the firm

5.                 This is a good way to vet for permanent help in the event that what might be a temporary increase in business actually becomes sustainable for the next 6 to 9 months

6.                 Working with flex-time allows you to always have the extra help available in the event of a sudden departure or illness on the part of a lawyer who is a permanent part of your staff

7.                 A flex-time or contract lawyer is less expensive from the hourly rate to providing no benefits for someone who is not a permanent part of your staff.

The economics of running a law firm show that it makes good business sense to hire a flex-time or contract lawyer. Even the largest firms have down-sized or right-sized attorney staff as part of their agenda to reduce overhead expenses. What firms cannot afford to compromise on, however, is their ability to provide clients with the best possible, competent and efficient legal representation. This is essential to building a strong foundation for an attorney-client relationship that will extend far into the foreseeable future.

Our firm’s mission is to help your firm “Get quality help when you need it, in the exact amount you need”. Call our office at 786-251-5814, check out our website at: https://denovoreiew-new.us21.cdn-alpha.com or email us at genny@denovoreiew-new.us21.cdn-alpha.com

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