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Recovery of Attorney’s Fees in a Foreclosure Action – Legal Research by a Contract/Flex-Time Attorney – De Novo Review LLC

A law firm requested a flex-time attorney of De Novo Review, LLC research and prepare a memorandum on the question of does a mortgagor, as a prevailing party in a foreclosure action, have to serve a 21-day safe harbor notice under section 57.105(4), Florida Statutes, when seeking attorney’s fees pursuant to section 57.105(7)? No. Section […]

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The Case for the Flex-Time Lawyer

One of the biggest considerations of adding an associate attorney to your firm is – invariably . . . wait for it . . . COST. No surprise there – is it? In addition to salary, there are other benefits to consider because these days benefits are almost as important to many employees as salary. […]

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The Issue of Punitive Damages

A law firm requested a De Novo Review LLC flex-time attorney research the issue of whether a plaintiff can seek leave to amend to assert punitive damages when the allegedly fraudulent conduct arises from a contractual relationship? No. “The general rule is that punitive damages are not recoverable for breach of contract, irrespective of the […]

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